What kind of music are you listening?

Heyo, there we go again with another writing with no head no tail (sorry, cannot fully erase my italian origin) but still enjoy and have a glimpse of what is going on in my head.

Come on, who in the world has never been at this point? I mean, who has never been asked what kind of music they like..
No idea about you but for me every single time is such a stressfull experience trying to explain to the other person that the music i was listening in that specific moment doesn’t label me.
Apart from me hating being labelled by someone, I love to think I have a quite wide musical taste .
What i mean with these is that i love music itself for all those feeling that gives us, all those memories that comes back in mind and last but not least all those damn goosebumps and so I jump pretty much from one genre to another.
Gotta be honest the genre i find myself listening to more than the others is metal and all his subgenres but it doesnt matter.
Enough with the introduction, the point is how am i gonna explain to you what i listen if im listening to Kendrick lamar and the moment we start talking again the music jumped to Bring me the horizon? (Using more known names as it is easier)
And the thing is maybe you are talking with someone and they are like “oh yes, cause i listen to everything, try me” and you are just face palming quite hard.
Believe me my dear, you have literally no fucking idea what “everything” is and, trying to be the humblest possble, i think i may have got just a glimpse of that “everything” that is music.
Even more when something “heavier” than what are you used to pops on and (sounds crazy i know but believe me it happened so many times) you are just like “oh god what is this satanic thing?”
The same example could be made for the other side but this one was the easier and more common so whatever.
With this being said im totally not saying im superior/know more/im better/you dont know music, im just saying that im a randm guy who loves music maybe a little too much and hate people being close minded about it.
Truly believe music has been one of the best invention/discovery (?) ever and its dumb not taking full advantage of it.
Personal note, ive always desired my days to last 30 hours in total to have those 6 hours more where i could just listen to music and nothing else.

So there you go another personal and random rant or whatever you wanna call it, if anyone is ever going to read it fully please tell me how you’d find it, much appreciate.
Random music lover πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “What kind of music are you listening?

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  1. I’ve struggled a bit with not feeling ashamed about my taste in music, which is dumb I know, cuz I don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. Yeah, maybe I like listening to One Direction somedays, but I also love Bring Me the Horizon, Troye Sivan, Birdy and all sorts of different music! My taste is honestly pretty basic, (though it could be way more basic), and I’ve finally found a way to be cool with that:)


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