Midnight memories

So I have literally no idea where to start or why am I even trying this but whatever.

Basically I’m an Italian who always loved London and 8 months ago I moved here to find a job and spend some time.

Eventually I found one, I became a receptionist in one of the best hostel I’ve ever been, located in shoreditch which can give an idea of how I look.

Needless to say that this experience changed me, I like to define myself as a fake Italian as I was born in Italy but I become a person in Shoreditch.

For a guy that comes from a little city in the middle of pretty much nowhere coming to shoreditch at full speed and almost without preparation was something really scary and I truly believe is something that changes you forever, either in a good or bad way.

Unluckily it is not up to me to say in which way I changed but something I can surely say is that it opened my mind, seeing so many people from all over the world and everyone with his own personal story is something really precious to me and something I want to keep doing. It kind of kills any prejudice you could have.

Here, in this very hostel where am I writing and where I spent the last 8 months, without regretting a single day, I met some of the nicest person a young, scared and shy guy could possibly imagine.

What I mean is that the choice I took was unbelievably hard but was also something I always dreamt of. Sounds totally like a cliche but it’s true, most of the times the scariest and hardest move is the best one for you, probably it doesn’t seem so in the short period but believe me have faith. And I’m totally not speaking about having faith in something or being religious, I’m speaking about having faith in the most important person in your own life, which is you if someone didn’t realize. Your life is a movie and you are the main character, now move and make the best out of it, make it a film that’s worth watching, full of experience and different stories.

It ended up being quite longer than what I thought, the first article of, hopefully, a long series. It also had “no head no tail” we say in Italy but I’ve always been an awfully bad writer and everyone has to start somewhere.


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